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Aviary is the result of a collaboration between AVP and the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies from Yale University Libraries. Aviary will be launched as a subscription service that brings enhanced search and navigation to audiovisual content. Aviary, as a lightweight platform, can integrate with your existing workflows to provide access to your audiovisual assets through time-stamped transcripts, indexes, and annotations.As a multi-tenant platform, Aviary provides cross-organizational and cross-collection search to allow users to find your assets and connect with content from other institutions. aviary integrates with existing online streaming platforms such as Vimeo, Kaltura, YouTube, SoundCloud, Avalon, and Internet Archive, as well as provides the ability to upload media files directly to aviary if you are not using an online streaming platform already. aviary also provides the ability to upload OHMS XML records for direct import of media, description, transcripts, and indexes.

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created 2019
Creator AVP
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CC BY 4.0

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Aviary Introduction, AVP, 2019

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You have a lot of audio and video content that you want to share,
even if you have it organized, it's often hard for people to find
exactly what they're looking for. It'd be nice if people could search audiovisual
content in the same way that they search across and through text documents,
it's almost as if your audio and video files are stranded separated from
other content, it simply doesn't feel like they are being used to their
fullest potential. Enter Aviary. A platform for sharing, searching, and
navigating audiovisual content in a totally new way. You can search across
all content in Aviary using keywords and phrases, use facets to filter results,
using dates, locations, languages and more. And Aviary displays and searches
audiovisual content with fully synchronized transcripts, indexes, and annotations,
offering direct access to key points in an audiovisual timeline. Organizations
can sync, import or upload their audiovisual collections directly into the
Aviary platform, and they can adjust permissions to each item to ensure
access is available for intended audiences. With Aviary audio and video
content is accessible, connected, and protected like never
Tienes muchísimo contenido de audio y video para publicar,
aunque lo tienes organizado, es difícil para sus usuarios encontrar
justo lo que buscan. Sería perfecto si las personas pudieran hacer búsquedas
de contenidos audiovisuales de la misma forma en la que buscan en textos,
es como si sus archivos de audio y video estuvieran atrapados,
separados de otros contenidos, simplemente no parece que estén siendo usados
en su máximo potencial. Ingrese a Aviary. Una plataforma para compartir, buscar, y
navegar contenido audiovisual en una forma novedosa. Puede buscar en todo
el contenido en Aviary usando palabras clave y frases, utilizar facets para filtrar resultados,
usando fechas, locaciones, idiomas, y más. Aviary también muestra y busca
contenido audiovisual con transcripciones, índices y anotaciones sincronizadas,
lo que ofrece acceso directo a puntos clave en la línea de tiempo. Las Organizaciones
pueden sincronizar, importar o subir sus colecciones audiovisuales directamente
a la plataforma Aviary, y pueden ajustar los permisos de acceso a cada ítem para asegurar
el acceso a las audiencias correctas. Con Aviary el contenido de audio
y video está accesible, conectado, y protegido, como
nunca antes.